Thanks for 2022

Lord Jesus, God with us, Thank you for this year that has just ended.
And thank you for the new year 2022 that is slowly beginning

In this year that has just ended, I say Thank you for all that I have received from you
life and love, flowers, air, sun. Thank you for the happiness and the sorrow. Thank you for what was possible and what was not. I give you everything I have done in 2021, all the things that have passed through my hands and what I have been able to build with.

Lord of time and eternity, past, present and future; at the beginning of this new year I stop in front of the calendar and I offer you once and for all the days that you will give me.
May this year bring peace to our Earth; may it fill those I love with grace, and may it bring me the Strength and Love I need.
Today I ask for myself and my loved ones peace and happiness, strength, prudence, charity and wisdom. Open my being to all that is good so that my spirit will be filled with blessings to spread them around me.

Fill me with goodness and joy, humor and humility, love and compassion so that those who live with me may recognize something of You in my life.
I ask this in the name of Jesus, Emmanuel with us.